Founded: 2021

Key persons: AlphaRay

Capitalization: $789 778 929

Trading volume (24h): $108 429 341

CoinMarketCap rank: 112

Raydium (RAY) general project description

Raydium (RAY) is an AMM (Automated-market-maker) solution for liquidity provision on the Solana blockchain. Its main feature is the use of a centralized order book for trading. Besides the high transaction speed and low transaction cost, Raydium (RAY) allows traders to provide and make use of liquidity not only within a single pool, but across all possible trading pairs. Thus, when there is no need to fragment liquidity in various groups with different utilization parameters a greater efficiency capital allocation is achieved. Raydium (RAY) is the main liquidity provider for another important Solana blockchain project — Serum.

Current state (ecosystem and partners)

The project has attracted $1.57B in liquidity, which allows a wide range of capital deployment instruments on the most favorable terms:

  1. Trading — both sides of transactions (taker and maker) pay 0.25%, 0.22% of which goes to liquidity providers, and the remainder goes to the general remuneration fund of RAY token holders. There are more than 30 trading pairs available.
  2. Token swap — instant exchange of large tokens or tokenized shares. Terms remain the same as for trading.
  3. Liquidity pools — the protocol allows a large number of tokens to be aggregated and used in a centralized order book rather than in a single pool. Some pairs currently yield up to 40% per year.
  4. Stacking — RAY token holders can store it as part of the exchange’s stacking protocol and earn an additional return of up to 27% per annum.
  5. AcceleRaytor — a specialized fundraising launchpad for startups on the Solana blockchain. More than 10 projects have already launched, and all fundraising rounds have been successfully closed. Raydium (RAY) supports the listing and trading of tokens after the fundraising stage.
  6. Dropzone — a platform for organizing NFT sales. Three issues featured: Solarmy, Playground, Cyber Samurai.

Future plans and development (roadmap)

Soon, the project plans to add support for cross-blockchain swaps, margin trading, and begin preparing a platform for the DAO governance model. As the project is the major source of liquidity for another important Defi project — Serum — the successful implementation of tasks from the roadmap will allow not just the platform, but the entire Solana ecosystem to flourish.