FTX Overview

  • The exchange was founded by a group of traders specializing in futures trading and OTC cryptocurrency deals.
  • A valuation of $25 billion was reached after the last round of fundraising, which took place in October 2021 and amounted to $420 million.
  • FTX primary and most significant partner is renowned crypto venture capital fund — Alameda Research.
  • One of the main early-stage investors was Binance — the rival exchange. Its stake was bought out for $2.4 billion (!).
  • The exchange is also closely connected to the Solana ecosystem, helping blockchain developers launch new tokens. In particular, Serum (SRM) token — decentralized liquidity aggregator — worked closely with FTX (FTT) on the platform design. As a result of this collaboration, FTX token owners received a stake in SRM.



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C100 Index Coin

C100 Index Coin


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